Some Words About Us

Industrial limited company, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality products, and legalized in Jordan with nr.(18004).

The company produces different kinds of frozen meat products, catering to the Arabian taste. From the beginning, the company already considered to respond to Arabian diversified taste in the first class.

All kind of the products are manufacturing from the best quality meat and nutrient-materials, selecting the suppliers who comply with the international standards. All the livestock (cattle and poultry) are slaughtered according to Islamic rights.

The factory already equipped with fully automated production lines, with the latest technology applied in the processing of the meat and food products, using machines imported from leading countries in producing food processing equipments, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, British.. and others. Specialized technical cadres in the food industries, supported by administrative, executive and consultative employees.

The high management in the company, dose clings in following-up the latest developed technology of the food industries in the world and comply all invitations of other companies to visit or participate in the national and international exhibitions to offer the best for customers.

The company already registers many exclusive brands which are going-well and favorable with the tendency to the consumer and his interest.

The factory is established on 6000 m2 area and working with capacity of 20 ton/daily. The company is working with (GS1 SYSTEM), and (ISO 22000) quality system.

Arabian taste
  • Broasted Chicken Cuts

  • Iraqi Kabab

  • Crispy Chicken Nuggets

  • Beef Burger

  • Cheese Samosa

  • Meat Balls

  • Cheese Spring Rolls

  • Chicken Kabab

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Our Core Values
  • We must delight our customers & be recognised as their best supplier.
  • We must embrace creativity and innovation to ensure a long term future..
  • We must be recognised as ‘Best in Class.
Our Promise
[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-thumbs-o-up” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#a30817″ icon_animation=”lightSpeedIn” title=”All kind of the products” pos=”left”]Are manufactured from the best quality meat and nutrient materials.[/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-eye” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#a30817″ icon_animation=”lightSpeedIn” title=”Quality control assurance” pos=”left”]The company is subjected to the quality control assurance and systematic procedures.[/bsf-info-box]
[bsf-info-box icon=”Defaults-cogs gears” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#a30817″ icon_animation=”lightSpeedIn” title=”Automated production lines” pos=”left”]With the latest technology applied in the processing of the meat and food products[/bsf-info-box]